Chilli Garlic Chutney

6 Must Haves for a Hassle Free Cooking Experience for Those Who Love to Eat a Home Cooked Meal

Happiness is homemade and nothing tastes as good as ghar ka khana. But in this fast paced urban life it is a luxury to have healthy delicious home cooked food.

A range of freshly prepared Tadka, Pastes and Sauces is the answer to these woes. It is the most convenient way for everyone out there who hates doing all the work yet loves eating home cooked meals.

Cooking at home doesn’t have to be a inconvenience any more – Save yourself the from the hassle of cutting, peeling and chopping with these easy to use, ready made products that are made using fresh ingredients and premium spices with zero preservatives which make it easy to throw together a satisfying meal quickly without compromising on health or taste.

Here’s a list of products to make your everyday cooking Easier, Faster and Tastier so that even you can enjoy the art of cooking.


1. Kwik Tadka 

A perfect blend of spices and vegetables, this traditional bhuna masala will enhance the taste of your Indian curries.

Simply add the tadka and make delicious gravy dishes in no time. You can enjoy Rajma, Chole, Kadhai Paneer and many more gravy dishes.



2. Kwik Batter 

Make the fluffiest Idlis and the crispiest Dosas with the finest and the freshest batter. 

The batter comes with vegetable mixers (Spinach, Carrot and Beetroot) to add a dash of colour and a whole lot of health.  


3. Sambar Paste

Making Sambar is no more a tricky and time-consuming affair. Just add water and your choice of veggies and let it cook!



4. Ginger Garlic Paste

The Perfect addition for any dish you need to prepare – right from Indian curries, marinades for meat, seafood, poultry, chutneys to even pizza sauces.

Add the zest & tanginess to your food and experience the strong, yet savory blends as it enhances the taste of your food.

Use it to prepare rice preparations like biryani, pulao and multiple curry dishes like channa masala and matar paneer with minimum effort and in no time.


5. Chilli Garlic Chutney

A little bit of spice and a lot of flavour in a perfectly balanced chutney. Use it as a dip for your chips, fries, sandwiches and burgers or as a sauce for your pastas and noodles, the absolute versatility will leave you craving for more.

Spice up your chaat snacks, add it as a spicy condiment to your Dosa and Idli or simply use it as a spread for those midnight sandwiches.



6.  Dal Tadka

The perfect combination of Pure Ghee, Tempered Whole Spices, a dash of Chilli & Tangy lemon juice. Simply add to your dal and transform it into a flavoursome fare.  


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